Steady supply of high-quality of Scomber Japonicus,Decapterus Maruadsi,Trachurus Japonicas,Auxis Thazard Thazard,Mene Maculata,Decapterus Kurroides all year round

About Kokaii
Kokaii is a recently established frozen fish company that has instantly gained its status as the most prominent frozen fish supplier in Taiwan. We owe our rapid development to the best equipments in the industry


Our ships with floating factory and minus-50-degree freezers allow us to maintain the freshness of our fish. In addition, we catch 10,000 tons of fish annually, which could satisfy the need for one-stop shopping, a trend that not only avoids the trouble of sourcing and bargaining, but also guarantees the overall quality of the product. The place where we are located, Nan Fong Ao, Yi-lan County, Taiwan, is home to Scombroid fish. Therefore, we are blessed with a steady supply of high-quality Scombroid fish all year round.

In addition to quality fish products, we also own the top facilities. To assure the freshness of our fish, we’ve constructed a 3 million-dollar freezer with a capacity of 8,000 tons at the company location. The preparation room can effectively prevent hot air from streaming in and rotten the fish. Moreover, the freezer always keeps the fish in minus 25-degree environment, keeping the fish as fresh as ever. Providing the best quality fish has been key to Kokaii’s success

Kokaii has many loyal customers because we believe in creating mutual benefits and developing win-win situations. We always strive to offer the most competitive packages to our customers as we hold that our customers’ success is also the success of Kokaii. We hope to work with you in the future.